Boise POS Solutions works with you, or a key employee of your establishment. We teach this Key Individual how to program and configure your POS for your unique application. Training includes building the Item database, setting up Comps and Promos, configuring Taxes, Events and many other features of the Aloha system. Boise POS Solutions teaches you to manage your own system. No longer will you be prisoner to your POS system, or be forced to pay extravagant bills for routine programming changes.

Boise POS Solutions also teaches you how to train management and staff on the POS. In the event of staff turnover, you will be prepared to teach new employees, or management, the features of the POS.

In addition to the initial training that is included with every new system, Boise POS Solutions provides ongoing development. Boise POS Solutions insures training on new feature sets or enhancements included in future releases of Aloha.

Contact PJ Yacuk, Brian Smith, or Jason Johnston our technical experts for the support solution that matches your unique needs.