Aloha EDCAloha EDC, or electronic draft capture is the integrated credit card solution for the Aloha system. Utilizing high speed internet, credit card authorizations can take less than 3 seconds. Easily manageable and customizable for all major credit cards Aloha EDC is your key to fast easy credit card integration.images_software

Hotel Interface

Aloha natively supports PMS or “Property management systems” integration using the industry standards that your hotel probably already has in place. Managing your guest accounts has never been easier Posting to guests room charges is no longer manually done by authorizing the charges through the Aloha system.


MenuLink is the leading developer of back office and enterprise software for restaurant operators of all sizes.

Menulink’s award winning back office application is designed to minimize waste and maximize profits. Their products are proven to streamline the operations and to control costs in many different types of restaurant and retail environments.

MenuLink’s full-featured back office software includes all functions required between the restaurant’s Aloha POS system and the enterprise’s accounting package. There is in-restaurant management software, enterprise suites for data consolidation and control of restaurant chains and Internet based reporting tools for remote reporting of critical information and hosting services.

Return on Investment (ROI) for MenuLink’s products are so high that many operators claim pay-back for the initial investment in six to nine months. After that it’s all profit.