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Backed by Radiant Systems, a global provider of point of sale technology to the hospitality and retail industries, Radiant Payment Services helps businesses like yours safely and efficiently process customer transactions and leverage the information related to those transactions.

From the time a transaction is made through settlement of funds, we manage the entire transaction process. As a result, you have fewer points of contact with fewer opportunities for error – while benefiting from heightened security, competitive and transparent pricing and an integrated, end-to-end solution that is easier to implement and manage.


From authorization to settlement, Radiant Payment Services merchants have access to the most robust payment options available – including everything necessary to accommodate the nearly one billion credit cards now in the hands of American consumers.

Radiant Payment Services provides access to all major credit card associations including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® and JCB® Radiant Payment Services utilizes a nationwide payment infrastructure backed by fully redundant data centers that use precise load-sharing technology to maximize your protection against processing downtime.

By accepting credit cards, you will attract more customers, increase your average sales and speed up the check-out process. Debit and credit cards also do a better job of protecting you as a merchant, allowing you to avoid potential losses associated with fraudulent checks and the risks of running your operations with large amounts of cash in your restaurant.


Up to 40% of all card transactions are made with a debit card. By offering debit, your customers can still purchase goods and services without having cash or a checkbook handy – and without incurring debt by using a credit card. Your customers also have the added convenience of getting cash back on purchases, while you have increased protection against chargebacks.

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