It’s Promotions, Stupid

Today’s restaurant business is more challenging than ever before.  It seems everywhere we look restaurants have been impacted by today’s economic climate.  So what are the smart operators doing to not only maintain market share but to grow?  The answer is promotions.

The traditional advertising channels have been enhanced by various methods of direct marketing based on your Aloha system.  Listed below are promotional methods to which you have access because you use Aloha.

1.    Couponing – Use Aloha to print coupons on Friday and Saturday that are good Monday through Thursday
2.    Provide discounts tied to some economic indicator such as the Dow, interest rates, the weather or any other changing number.
3.    Gift Cards – Sell gift cards in some promotional package that keeps your customers coming back.
4.    Loyalty Program – Start an Aloha Loyalty program to track your customers and reward them.  This also provides a mailing list of just your customers that you can then market to.
5.    Promotional Gift Cards – Enter into an agreement with local merchants to give away your gift cards with certain purchases at their stores.  The merchant wins because they are giving their customers something their competition isn’t, and you win because you get customers that you may not have seen before.
6.    Take Out and Delivery – How about beefing up this service by offering discounts to take outs?  Take Out & Delivery can expand your business without spending money on bricks and mortar.  Aloha has the software to help you.
7.    Online Ordering – Let your customers order lunch from their desks, and get in and out of your restaurant in seconds.

Aloha, your partner in promotions.


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