“I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”

Lets face it, everyone can use a little help from there friends.  Boise POS Solutions is no exception to that.  Our business grows and prospers only when our customers business grows and prospers.  Instead of just selling you hardware and software dropping it off at your establishment and saying “Good Luck” we try and go above and beyond to make sure that we have not only sold you the right equipment, but have taught you (not just showed you) how to use it.  Our philosophy is that by teaching you everything we know about Aloha and the way that it works, we are creating “customers for life”.  Now I know that “customers for life” sounds a little cheesy but it’s the truth.  Let me demonstrate, the more information we give you, the better you use the system, the better you use the system, the better you like the system, the better you like the system the more you tell your friends and business acquaintances about Aloha, and by doing so you help us to convert more customers to Aloha.  It’s a community.  

But do you have a point Craig?  Absolutely!  My point is this; we want to encourage you to tell other restaurants, bars, and nightclubs about Aloha and Boise POS Solutions.  Our business is built mostly from referrals from our “customers for life”.  With that being said we want you to be an active participate in our community.  So I am setting up a new promotion for active Aloha users.  Refer a new business to us and we will give you our Help Desk Maintenance Service free of charge until 2012.  That is a $1050 value!  They say  knowledge is power, and with  help desk maintenance you can call as many times as you would like with questions and never get a bill.  You can take advantage of pieces of the software that you always knew were there but never got around to asking.  And as an added benefit I will personally take a day and sit down with you to discuss new features and how you can use them in your business.  
So to recap, refer a restaurant, bar or nightclub to Boise POS Solutions and if they become part of our community, you receive our Help Desk Maintenance Service free until 2012 and Aloha business refresher with me in your restaurant for a day.  This promotion begins today and runs until the end of September 2010.  To submit your referral just email me at craig@boisepos.com .  Once we have signed contract with the new customer your Help Desk Maintenance will begin. Thank you for continued support of Aloha and Boise POS Solutions! 

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