How do your servers compare?

Finding an objective way to track servers’ performance can be a challenge.  Aloha offers a configurable report titled “Comparative Employee Sales” that gives you an excellent tool to address this task. This report allows you to compare sales information by category for a particular day or range of days and is broken down by server.  For example what is the percentage of beverages sold compared to entrees?   Some examples might be to compare the following:
    Desserts to Entrees
    Wine to Entrees
    Total Beverages to Water Only
    Number of Customers (entrée’s) to Gift Card Sales

This report can be used very effectively to track employee sales contests and to promote healthy competition among your servers.

You can access Comparative Employee Sales in Aloha Manager by selecting Reports > Comparative Employee Sales.  Select a date or range of dates then select a base category and one or more target categories.  Since the category lists include both sales and non-sales categories you are able to group and re-group items as needed.

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