Free Support Day

There is something about Free that we all like.  Well it’s time Aloha Pipeline got on board and delivered what we all like, something for Free.  
Tuesday, October 5th is “Free Support Day”.  Call us all day long with your questions and or problems and we will help you for a flat fee, FREE.  All those operational questions, or items that you need to add to the menu and haven’t because you forgot how, or report questions, or credit card issues, this is the day to solve those and do it for Free.  In order to accommodate as many of our customers as possible we are asking that you limit your calls to 30 minutes.  Here’s all you need to know.

October 5, 2010
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Ask for: P.J., Brian, or Jason

Free support is great but wouldn’t free beer be better?  Someday.

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