Client Testimony

Thank you for considering our company and our products for your business. This users list is a compilation of local restaurants that use any of the various hospitality POS systems our company sells. This list is intended to reinforce our statements to your company about the importance of support after the sale, and to demonstrate the breadth of the installed base of our product.

The customers listed are installations made by our company and users of the same software that we sell. Chain, corporate and franchise accounts are an excellent reference on the software itself. Many chain operators have tried different systems and have a wealth of experience from which independent restaurants may benefit.

We invite you to contact any of our references and in the case of sales made by our company, inquire about their experiences through the installation, support after the sale and their satisfaction with their software application.

In making your decision, we strongly suggest requesting a users list from all vendors. A users list, or the absence of one, is one of the few ways a restaurateur can validate a salesperson or companies claims.

This users list is a compilation of all our users – not just the good ones. We are proud to offer this list as possibly the best reason why your company should do business with Boise POS Solutions.