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Radiant Payment Guard

Radiant Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: RADS) today announced that it will be offering a new suite of payment security products, known as Radiant Payment Guard, that currently includes Payment Guard MSR, and Token Replacement. These payment protection tools help businesses in the restaurant industry better protect their sites and consumers by reducing data security-related risks.     “The new offering of the Radiant Payment Guard suite of products is another example of our effort to continue developing products, technologies and processes to ensure that our customers are able to comply with today’s standards, as well as protect against tomorrow’s hackers.” “Criminals are
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How do your servers compare?

Finding an objective way to track servers’ performance can be a challenge.  Aloha offers a configurable report titled “Comparative Employee Sales” that gives you an excellent tool to address this task. This report allows you to compare sales information by category for a particular day or range of days and is broken down by server.  For example what is the percentage of beverages sold compared to entrees?   Some examples might be to compare the following:    Desserts to Entrees    Wine to Entrees    Total Beverages to Water Only    Number of Customers (entrée’s) to Gift Card Sales This report can be used very
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5 Key Principles Of Restaurant Marketing

1. Marketing has to pay for itself (it’s never an expense, it’s an investment)The whole idea of a “marketing budget” is wrong. Most restaurants define it as a percentage of their sales. Wrong, wrong, wrong!If you had a reliable and proven way of investing $20 and getting back $30, how many of these $20 bills would you invest? I hope you answered, “All the $20 bills I could get my hands on. And also all the $20 bills I could borrow!”  Good! Then why would you cap your marketing at some — largely arbitrary — number?  A-ha! You probably do
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