Monthly Archives March 2010

It’s Promotions, Stupid

Today’s restaurant business is more challenging than ever before.  It seems everywhere we look restaurants have been impacted by today’s economic climate.  So what are the smart operators doing to not only maintain market share but to grow?  The answer is promotions. The traditional advertising channels have been enhanced by various methods of direct marketing based on your Aloha system.  Listed below are promotional methods to which you have access because you use Aloha.
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Creating Effective Loyalty Programs

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into one of my favorite restaurants. I was greeted at the door, had a good experience with my server and enjoyed my meal. At the end of the meal, our server asked if I’d like to be part of their “Special VIP” club.  My first thought, of course, went to how much this “Special VIP” program was going to cost me. When the server explained that there was no cost to the program and that I would be receiving special email offers, I signed up and gave my information without giving it
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Focus On Employees’ Work-life Balance

In an era when employees seek a “work-life balance”—which, on the surface, would seem to be an oxymoron in the restaurant industry—restaurants should not be looking for a new type of manager to lead employees, but rather training managers to adapt to a new way of thinking. They need to be more talent-focused than outcome-focused. The restaurant industry relies on the attitudes, the skills and the talents of its workforce, and a successful manager will see that talent pool as a valuable asset and a competitive advantage. Here are five tips managers can employ to be more effective in this
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